The eliteFIT Program

The eliteFIT Philosophy

The eliteFIT philosophy is simple - get stronger, move better, be healthier.  We want consistent progress, not miracles.  Every workout is a full body workout.  During each workout, will you lift weights?  Yes.  Do low rep sets?  Yes.  High rep sets?  Yes.  Body weight/resistance band sets?  Yes.  High intensity interval set to get the heart rate up and metabolism firing?  Yes.

We believe all of these are critical elements to a complete workout, so we include elements of these in every workout. 

The eliteFIT Programs

  • Personalized Group Training - every workout is designed to accommodate all fitness levels

    • STRENGTH - 45 minute full body workout focusing on strength and movement quality with a finishing high-intensity circuit to ramp up the metabolism and burn body fat.

    • SWEAT - 30-minute high-intensity interval circuit to increase overall fitness and burn body fat.


  • Private & Small Group Training - workouts custom-designed for your specific goals

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Our Vision

We are more than just a gym.  Fitness and health journey's are difficult... we need each other!  We believe that humans are not meant to operate in isolation, but to be in community, contribute to a group, feel a sense of ownership, share in each other's high's and low's, and support each other through it all.   


We are more than just a gym, we are a family.

Why eliteFIT

Suitable for all fitness levels









Professional Trainers

eliteFIT is located at Elite Sports Performance Training Facility: 7686 St. Clair Ave.  Mentor, OH 44060  (click for directions)

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